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Because not everyone has the same needs when it comes to their teeth, Levens Orthodontics offers two kinds of Lingual Hidden Braces. And Dr. Levens unique education and 30+ years of experience means you will be getting the best care and treatment available. If your bite is good but you have some crowding, spacing or rotation of your front teeth, then Lingual Lite Hidden Braces may be perfect for you. And this treatment has all the benefits of regular Lingual Hidden Braces but is more affordable with faster results.

That’s because Lingual Lite Hidden Braces are only applied behind the front teeth. This means an even more comfortable and quicker treatment. Lingual Lite typically takes between 4 – 12 months and is usually less expensive. But you still receive all the accuracy and invisibility of a full Lingual Hidden Braces treatment.

Lingual Lite Hidden Braces

Your plan is designed prior to bracket placement based on a digital scan of your teeth (no molds) ensuring the most precise results possible. Robotically bent wires ensure the most exact and comfortable fit. Your teeth start moving on day one and no one will know you’re wearing braces.

If you think Lingual Lite Hidden Braces might be right for you, call our office to schedule your free consultation.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will see results.

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Watch How Teeth Move With Lingual Hidden Braces!

Lingual Hidden Braces Testimonials

5 star testimonials | Lingual Hidden Braces

“I have always loved to smile, but as I got older I became self-conscious because my teeth were spreading farther apart. I had thought about braces for years but I am a performer and was engaged, and I could not get past the idea of having braces on my teeth in all my pictures and during all of my performances. And so I put it off. The idea of having braces behind my teeth intrigued me, but I thought they were only for the rich and famous. So when I found Dr. Levens in St. Louis, I was thrilled. Dr. Levens is personable, professional, and particular about your smile. His staff is professional, friendly, efficient, and are as excited to see your progress as you are. The office is very, very clean (I work in a doctor’s office and I am very particular) and very comfortable. In the almost 2 years I’ve been a patient I have never waited more than 3-5 minutes for an appt. I drive 2 hours for each appt and I would not be driving if he was not the best.

My lingual braces were awesome. The changes were almost immediate. No one could tell I had them which was perfect. The edges of the braces were very smooth and my tongue forgot they were there. I was able to speak and sing clearly within the first 2 days after having them placed. Fast forward to 19 months later – I have been in several musicals and have gotten married in my braces and no one was the wiser. Thanks so much Dr. Levens and staff!”
– Nex C. (yelp)

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Levens and his entire staff. His office has that rare mix of professionalism and warmth. I came in wanting my teeth straightened for the second time at age 50 and he explained part of my issue was my bite. Dr. Levens reviewed my options, the procedures and took the time to answer my questions. From his choices and to address both the bite issue and teeth straightening, I chose Lingual braces. The kind mounted behind your teeth. No one knew I had braces on unless I stated it or they saw the rubber bands when I was wearing them and speaking to them. I really appreciate all the time Dr. Levens takes with me. I know he also keeps up with all the latest, cutting edge treatments. He and his staff are so kind and caring that anyone would come away from his office feeling good. He cares for my teeth and me as a person. I am very happy with my results! Often people ask me, “Have you had work done? Something is different about your face?” I smile proudly because I know my jaw line looks so much better now and say, “thank you, I had orthodontic work done by Dr. Levens!” I highly recommend him! A real find!!!”


“This is the nicest and most professional team you’ll ever find in orthodontics. Not only did they do lingual braces for me so that they were not visible; they also cater to your schedule and work you in last minute if needed. I have been more than satisfied with my experience here! Thank you Dr. Levens.”

Rachel Heeb

“I had a wonderful experience getting lingual braces. Dr. Levens and all of his staff are extremely professional. His clinic ALWAYS runs on time which meant all of the time there is for treatment. I got the result I wanted earlier than originally predicted. I would recommend Levens to anyone for any type of braces.”

– Anita S

“I really loved my lingual braces. It was so nice that they were not noticeable. Very easy to get used to them. I would highly recommend Dr Levens. I had a great experience. My teeth look great!!”

– Debbie Ketcherside

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