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Take a look at some of the beautiful smiles Dr.Levens has given his patients, and see what they have to say about their experiences!

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5 star testimonials

"Safety Through Covid"

Dr. Levens and his entire staff are exceptional! It’s clear that patient courtesy and stress free appointments are a high priority for them. I recently made my first visit since the Covid pandemic and I was very impressed with all of the safety measures that were in place and how well they were executed. The staff communicated the changes in advance and made sure I knew what to expect. Safety is just another area where Levens Orthodontics shines!

– Jennifer Lupia-van Garderen

"Safety Through Covid"

Dr Levens has been the most responsible and concious doctor we have seen during this COVID pandemic. He invested a lot in his office because of this pandemic and we can see that.Trainings, changing in protocols, N95 masks, shields for all staff, nobody in the waiting room except us, Cavi sanitiser wipes and much more. I even used a pen there to sign and they asked me to keep it since they are not reusing pens! I am so glad my kids are safe when they go there. You make us feel safe and I am thankful for that!

– Valentina Penalba

"Safety Through Covid"

I could not have asked for better orthodontic care. Everyone is so friendly and cares for the well being of their patients. Especially with everything going on due to the pandemic and reopening of businesses, they have taken extreme precautions and processes to ensure the safety of their patients and employees. I have just recently had an appointment with great success of Invisalign and everything was done with great care and safety despite the limits right now! So grateful I was still able to get the necessary care done in these times.

– Rachel Jones


Levens Orthodontics is truly one of a kind. I was a patient of Dr. Levens over 20 years ago and actually looked forward to each visit because of the fun environment they created and kind staff. When our kids needed orthodontic treatment I didn’t even think twice about where they would go. They have maintained the same atmosphere and the staff is still so nice. They are extremely prompt and on time with their appointments, there are always contests and prizes to keep the patients motivated and they make sure to answer any questions. All while doing it with genuine care and concern for patient and their family. This office is a gem and I would HIGHLY recommend them.

– Katie Stockmann


Levens Ortho was not only an amazing experience but has done an amazing job with my teeth. The experience itself made me worry less about my journey but enjoy the experience more. Dr. Levens is the head of the machine but he has the most dedicated and joyful employees from top to bottom. I would recommend this place to any and everyone if I could, and I will. I want to thank them for my journey from start to finish. I’m happy to be apart of the Levens Ortho family!!

– Devonte Bell


Love, love, love Dr. Levens and all of the staff! As an adult with braces, I never thought I’d look forward to going to the orthodontist, but I genuinely enjoyed seeing everyone there. You develop a relationship with folks you’re seeing so often and I’m happy to know them. Interest-free financing, price is on-point, and convenient location by Mercy/270. I consulted with a couple orthodontists before Dr. Levens, but knew almost instantly these were the folks I wanted to see for the next 2 years. No regrets. 🙂

– Lauri Shedd


I really loved my experience at Levens Orthodontics!! Exceptional service all through! I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Levens’ professionalism and care along with his true interest in his patient. The staff is equally caring and courteous. They use the latest technology and the treatment is customized to our needs. I appreciate their “friendly reminders”, the promptness of appointment time and most of all I’m really happy that the treatment was completed on time. I would recommend Dr. Levens to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment. Thanks again!

– Seema Chouhan

"Adult Braces"

Can’t say enough good things about Dr.Levens and his staff. Most professional and efficient medical office I have ever visited. They are always on time. I am thrilled with the results of my adult braces, which were completely invisible and painless.

– Karen Migneron

"Adult Braces"

I love everything about Levens Orthodontics! They have the friendliest and most professional staff in their field. Dr. Levens’ work is second to none. They use cutting edge technology, combined with years of experience, to customize the best treatment for you. I went to Levens Orthodontics for Invisalign treatments 13 years ago. I chose them now for my son’s treatment and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you to everyone at Levens Orthodontics for a great experience!

–  Andrea Gulick

"Adult Braces"

I was treated by Dr. Levens as an adult and I had the clear braces. There are not enough words to express how happy I am with my smile. I have had many compliments on my smile and it is all thanks to Dr. Levens. I would recommend this office to anyone and look forward to being able to have my daughter treated here in just a few short years.

– Cierra Bellagamba

"Adult Braces / Extended Family"

As an adult patient, I highly recommend Dr. Levens. He is truly a master of his craft. Prior to braces, my bite was off, and I had large gaps between several of my front teeth. I was reluctant to get braces in my 40’s, but I am so, so glad that I did. My smile is now normal, my teeth are straight with no gaps, and I no longer grind my teeth at night. I had clear braces, and it was really not a big deal. I have several crowns and a couple fragile teeth, but Dr. Levens was able to deal with my adult mouth. My braces have been off for 5 years, and he still welcomes me back for periodic retainer checks. My three children were also treated by Dr. Levens, and all had great results. While in braces, my older son knocked his front tooth loose. Dr. Levens immediately met us in his office to assist and worked with us through that whole ordeal.

– JoAnn Coppola

"Adult Braces"

I’ve been an adult patient for the last 18 months. Dr. Levens and his staff are simply amazing! From the first consultation to the final placement of my retainer, everyone in the office has been nothing but professional. Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I never would have expected to be so happy with the end result. I would highly recommend Dr. Levens and his staff to ANYONE in need of orthodontia services.

– Don Champoux

"Lingual Braces"

This is the nicest and most professional team you’ll ever find in orthodontics. Not only did they do lingual braces for me so that they were not visible; they also cater to your schedule and work you in last minute if needed. I have been more than satisfied with my experience here! Thank you Dr. Levens.

– Rachel Heeb

"Lingual Braces"

I had a wonderful experience getting lingual braces. Dr. Levens and all of his staff are extremely professional. His clinic ALWAYS runs on time which meant all of the time there is for treatment. I got the result I wanted earlier than originally predicted. I would recommend Levens to anyone for any type of braces.

– Anita S

"Lingual Braces"

I really loved my lingual braces. It was so nice that they were not noticeable. Very easy to get used to them. I would highly recommend Dr Levens. I had a great experience. My teeth look great!!

– Debbie Ketcherside

"Clear Braces"

I went to Levens Orthodontics as an adult. There were many options to help my smile. I had decided on the clear braces. Half of my friends and family didn’t even notice I had braces until a few months into treatment! Everyone at Levens was very friendly and very knowledgeable. I now love my smile and recommend everyone to Dr. Levens.

– Leigh’ann Payne

"Clear Braces"

I have clear braces with Dr Levens and you can hardly see them. Everything has been very comfortable and Dr. Levens is very thorough and one on one. I’d give this office ten stars if I could!!!

– Dajeh Warren

"Clear Braces"

Really good folks here. The hygienists are super friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Levens is also a extremely up-to-date on the newest practices and really seems to care for his patients. I also appreciated him being honest in telling me upfront what the best braces for my case was (i.e. Getting Invisalign, lingual, clear). All around had a great experience here and I am very happy with the results. Definitely would recommend.

– Jessica Hicks

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