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Levens Orthodontics offers the highest quality appliances, advanced technologies and expertise available so visits with us are fast, efficient and comfortable. Studies have shown that combining indirect bonding and robotically bent wires can lead to as much as a 35% reduction in overall treatment times with an overall improvement in treatment results. At Levens Orthodontics, we use a combination of both and have had great success in shortening your visits and your overall time with braces.

What is Indirect Bonding?

Placing braces by hand on each tooth can make for a long appointment. To help keep your appointments short, we frequently use a method for placing braces called indirect bonding. Indirect bonding lets us use a duplicate of your teeth to prepare your braces for exacting placement in advance of your appointment. Then during your appointment, we prepare your teeth as usual for receiving the braces, but we can place all of the braces at the same time and in the exact positions required for your treatment using the laboratory prepared braces. This helps to make your appointments comfortable and fast. It also helps to make sure the braces are in the ideal positions to make your treatment successful and quick.

Where Do the Robots Come In?

Orthodontic wires are used in combination with braces to move the teeth into their final ideal positions. We routinely use wires bent by a wire-bending robot to make tooth movements as accurate as possible. These wires are bent according to a customized, treatment plan provided by Dr. Levens to ensure that they are made to fit your mouth exactly. And because the brackets and wires are prepared in advance of your appointment, we frequently surprise our new patients with treatment time estimates that are much shorter than what they expect.

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