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Our community has been through a lot over the last few months and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same as always—our commitment to your safety. Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice, and you may have noticed this at your visits to our office. As a healthcare facility, we have always utilized standard precautions as guided by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the American Dental Association.

As always, whenever possible, we use single-use, disposable barrier wraps on our instruments and equipment. We wipe and disinfect all surfaces with EPA approved disinfectants known to kill pathogens such as those that cause Influenza A, HIV, Tuberculosis and COVID-19. We routinely test our sterilization methods for effectiveness. And we routinely assess health and safety hazards in our office; making changes as new equipment and better methods become available. In short, we follow what is recommended by governing bodies to make your visits and treatment safe for you and your loved ones.

Covid-19 Safety
Covid-19 Safety 2
Covid-19 Precautions

Covid Safe Practices

You will likely notice some changes when it is time for your next appointment. These changes are all designed to help keep you and your family safe:

  • Adding face shields, isolation gowns and N95 respirator masks to our current PPE
  • Wellness assessments and temperature taken before and when patients arrive to our office
  • Aerosol reduction equipment and techniques to reduce or prevent creation of airborne aerosols
  • Physical barriers placed at contact points between patients and staff
  • Regular disinfection of all “touch-points” such as reception room chairs and pens and addition of hands-free equipment and techniques wherever possible
  • Use of hand instruments to accomplish the same goals previously completed with aerosol generating dental handpieces
  • Reduced number of appointments per day to reduce the number of people in the office at any given time. Although we are lengthening our clinical hours and adding days for appointments, overall appointment flexibility may be limited temporarily.
  • Wellness assessments and temperature of all staff taken twice daily
  • Asking patients and those accompanying them to wait in their vehicles after arrival until notified that we are ready to see them.
  • Asking patients to use antiseptic oral rinses twice prior to their appointment (at home and at our office) and wear their mask into and out of the office
  • Prior to your next appointment we are asking patients (18 years of age or older) and responsible parties/guardians (patients under 18 years of age) to consent to treatment in the new era of COVID-19 (go to AAOIC Supplemental Informed Consent to electronically consent to treatment). If you have more than one family member in treatment, you will need to complete this consent for each patient separately.

We look forward to seeing you and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the steps we are taking to keep you and your family safe at our office. Please know that we are here for you if you need us for emergencies. We are also regularly updating our Facebook page at Levens Orthodontics. Stay well.

Your Team at Levens Orthodontics

Covid-19 Safety Practices
Covid Safe Practices

Instructions Prior to Your Appointment

To ensure your safety, and because we have made broad changes to our appointment procedures, it is important that you read through the new instructions listed here prior to your first appointment with us since the pandemic:

  • Prior to leaving for your appointment, please brush and floss thoroughly. Our Brushing Station is currently closed.
  • Rinse with Colgate Peroxyl, Listerine, or Colgate Optic White Mouthwash to reduce oral germs.
  • Please arrive to the building 15 minutes early so that we may perform a Wellness Check-up. When you arrive, please text our office at 314-300-0294. We will confirm receipt of your text, and we’ll text you back when we are ready to see you. You may also call the office at 314-872-3218 to alert us of your arrival. Our Wellness Assistant will meet you at the front door of the building for your screening.
  • If you are driving a patient to their appointment, please do not leave the parking lot until they have returned to your car. For safety reasons, we do not want patients to wait outside for their ride after their appointment.
  • Please wear your face mask into the building.
  • To maintain social distancing and minimize opportunities for infection to occur between people, we ask that patients come into the building alone (this does not apply for new patients, apprehensive younger children, or patients needing assistance). If another family member must be present, please limit it to one family member only. Our reception area has very limited seating to maintain social distancing. We will continue to update parents on treatment progress with a “report card” sent home with patients each appointment. As always you are welcome to call the office with questions or for updates and to schedule the next appointment.
  • Wellness Check-ups consist of a few health-related questions and taking of a touch-free temperature. This helps us to prevent anyone that may be contagious from entering the office and potentially infecting others.
  • Please let us know about broken brackets or other unusual issues prior to your appointment so that we may better assist you. Please call us as soon as possible at 314-872-3218.

We are so excited to see all our patients!

Your Team at Levens Orthodontics

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