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The Clear Choice!

For a more discreet look, Levens Orthodontics is proud to present Clear Sapphire Braces. Unlike many “tooth colored” braces, our choice is truly clear braces for your smile.

Our transparent sapphire braces take on your natural tooth color because they are completely clear. And because these man-made sapphire braces are milled from one crystal, there is no porosity in the material. You never have to worry about your braces staining. Only your closest confidents will know you are wearing braces. The superior strength of the sapphire crystal also means they are low-profile and smaller than most clear braces for your comfort.

Clear Sapphire Braces Example | Male
Clear Sapphire Braces Example | Female

There are no compromises in how these esthetic braces work compared to traditional braces. Strength, comfort and effectiveness all add up to one clear choice for your treatment—the clear sapphire choice!

Clear Sapphire Braces Testimonials

Clear Sapphire Braces Testimonials

“I went to Levens Orthodontics as an adult. There were many options to help my smile. I had decided on the clear braces. Half of my friends and family didn’t even notice I had braces until a few months into treatment! Everyone at Levens was very friendly and very knowledgeable. I now love my smile and recommend everyone to Dr. Levens.”

– Leigh’ann Payne

“I have clear braces with Dr Levens and you can hardly see them. Everything has been very comfortable and Dr. Levens is very thorough and one on one. I’d give this office ten stars if I could!!!”

– Dajeh Warren

“Really good folks here. The hygienists are super friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Levens is also a extremely up-to-date on the newest practices and really seems to care for his patients. I also appreciated him being honest in telling me upfront what the best braces for my case was (i.e. Getting Invisalign, lingual, clear). All around had a great experience here and I am very happy with the results. Definitely would recommend.”

– Jessica Hicks

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