The clear alternative to braces



Looking for an alternative to metal braces? Invisalign is a cosmetic method of straightening your teeth. Using clear, removable aligners we gradually and comfortably straighten your teeth. No wires to tighten and no brackets to see. And the best part is that your teeth start to look great from the beginning of your treatment. Nobody will know your secret as you show off your new smile.

Invisalign braces are removable making brushing and flossing easy. And since you remove the aligners when you eat there are no restrictions on your diet like most braces.

How does Invisalign work?

You and Dr. Levens will evaluate your teeth and talk about any problems or goals you have for your smile. Once you and Dr. Levens establish that Invisalign is the right treatment option for you we will take a digital scan of your teeth to send to the Invisalign laboratory along with your photos, and x-rays of your teeth. Then, working with Dr. Levens on the plan for your treatment, the Invisalign lab manufacturers your custom aligners.

You will wear each aligner for two weeks before switching to the next one. Dr. Levens will want to check every four or six weeks to make sure the treatment is going as planned and to deliver your next sets of aligners.

Aligners are worn for about 22 hours a day but should be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. We will show you how to put them on and take them off but they are very easy and comfortable to place.

What can Invisalign do?

Although not perfect for every type of treatment, Invisalign can treat a wide variety of issues that keep people from achieving their ideal smiles. Straighter teeth don’t just look better; they work better too. Poorly-aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, wear out quicker, and are more prone to cavities.

Why choose Levens Orthodontics for your orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Levens attended St. Louis University Graduate Department of Orthodontics and graduated with honors in 1988. He later attended the Medical School of Hannover in Hannover, Germany for two years to study Lingual Technique making him the only Orthodontist in the United States with a Master’s Degree in Lingual Orthodontics (MScLO). Dr. Levens is also the only orthodontist in North America with two Master’s degrees in Orthodontics.

Dr. Levens has been privileged to lecture extensively to orthodontists for 3M Unitek and has taught Lingual Orthodontics at the Graduate Orthodontic Departments at both Harvard University and the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Dr. Levens has won national awards for orthodontic research in both the USA (winner of the Orthoband Excellence in Orthodontics Award in 1988) and in Germany (winner of the Volker Rummel Award in 2012). He has authored many published articles in orthodontic journals, presented webinars and spoken on orthodontics extensively throughout the region, nation and world.

When asked by St. Louis Magazine, “Which Orthodontist do you consider a leader in providing orthodontic care in our community?”, dentists in the St. Louis metropolitan area have chosen Dr. Levens every year for this honor since the inception of the prestigious TopDocs list.